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Why Malama Tech?

Most businesses are familiar with break-fix IT services.  Meaning something needs to go wrong before you request service.  The only thing this guarantees is inevitable downtime.  This approach results in reduced IT performance, decreased staff productivity and usually ends up costing more.  This is no way to run a business.

Malama Tech takes a fresh proactive approach to managing your technology because a well-maintained, proactively serviced network will always run better than the alternative.  Surprisingly Malama Tech can cost less than traditional break-fix, especially when you factor in the cost of downtime.  This approach is called Managed Services.  Managed Services allows a business to delegate some, or all, of their IT operations to Malama Tech. 

Please, allow us to malama your technology.

Our Managed Services

Managed Service Starter Plan

Designed for businesses of all sizes, our Starter Plan provides insight into the day-to-day health of your computers.  Like the dashboard in a car, we monitor dozens of data points so you can be confident your systems are running smoothly.  If not, you'll know what solutions to invest your money toward.  Additional discounts on our labor, saves you money and maximizes value through informed spending.

Managed Service Basic Plan

Our Basic plan is our most popular one.  It provides even deeper insight into your computers health and gives you peace of mind knowing that you're not infected with any harmful viruses or malware and your operating system and applications are always up-to-date.  Did I mention we include all the necessary licenses?  Yup, it's yours for FREE!

Managed Service Pro Plan

Our Pro Plan is the perfect solution for businesses that want a hands-off approach to managing their IT.  Our FREE support will prevent staff from wasting time troubleshooting problems on their own and let them get back to doing what they were hired for.  Plus, sleep well at night knowing that your data is safe and secure in the event of data loss.  Give us the keys, sit back, relax, we'll take it from here.

Managed Add-ons

If none of our prepackaged plans are what you're looking for.  No worries!  Customize the plan you want with managed add-on's.  Pick a managed service plan, then choose the managed add-ons you want.


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What Our Clients Have to Say

"I had 4 different techs try to help me with the constant error messages and compatibility issues. After 2 years of frustration and wasted time and money, Malama Tech figured it all out in one week. Everything has been running smoothly for about 6 months. Malama Tech is very knowledgeable, but in the few instances my convoluted system stumped them they figure out the answer in short order. I highly recommend them!"

Kaya Joshi

President / Kaya Dental LLC

"Friendly + Helpful! Malama Tech is as good as it gets with tech support. We needed to trouble shoot a DNS issue ASAP and he was able to pinpoint the issue and respond immediately. We didn't even have to be on the same island as him to resolve the issue. Within a few minutes, we were good to go!"

Lauryn Chin

Digital Marketing Director / Ellemsee Media

"Malama Tech has been managing our network since 2013. Their preventive maintenance keeps the office running smoothly and our patient information secure. Having them manage our computers allow my staff to focus on their job and no longer endlessly troubleshoot issues on their own. It's like having your own IT department without all the cost and overhead involved. Highly recommended!"

Dr. Garrett Oka

Owner & DDS / Sweet Tooth Dental