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How we went from zero to hero

In 2009 Malama Tech started out like most tech companies, in a garage.  Fixing the blue screen of death, removing viruses, upgrading memory, and migrating data from old to new PC.  That came easy.  But we didn't want easy, we wanted to help businesses the best way we knew how.  What better way to reduce problems, than to prevent them?  

So we set out to develop packaged proactive solutions that were better, faster and cheaper.  And we did.

Malama Tech has evolved from a break-fix company putting out day-to-day PC fires into a network management company creating automated solutions.  Our first step toward maintenance started with Windows Updates years ago.  When everyone else went to bed, we would wake up and remote into computers one-by-one to run Windows Update.  This simple task, drove service requests down and we knew we were onto something.  Although successful, this proved difficult to scale and our coffee expense was through the roof.

So we traded in sleeping for coding.  And we coded and coded and coded.  Before we knew it, what started as a time-consuming (yet effective) process of manually running maintenance one-by-one has turned into a fully automated and powerful system.  We've expanded from preventive maintenance and now include automated reactive solutions that fix problems before our clients notice.

After we developed preventive and reactive automated solutions, we took it a step further and expanded our wheelhouse to include disaster recovery, help desk, and vCIO services.  This is where we really noticed a mind shift with our clients.  After they escaped living in fear if something would break, they were able to come up for air and start planning strategically.  Now we're able to help businesses drive technology instead of technology driving them.

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Whether you've got a current problem that needs fixing, a specific project in mind, or curious about outsourcing your entire IT department, we can help.