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What Pro Plan Does for You

Increase Staff Productivity

Every hour your staff isn't able to work, costs you double.  When this happens, you lose productivity and payroll expense.  You can increase worker output simply by implementing preventive and proactive solutions that keep your computers running at their peak.

There's no 'I' in Team

The demand on technology is ever-growing, which makes it difficult (and expensive) to hire a single person that has all the knowledge necessary to support your network or a group of people with the collective knowledge required.  With Malama Tech you get a team of experts, each bringing their skill set to the table to help your business grow.

Decrease Downtime

Time is money.  But what costs you more than time?  Downtime!  Proper preventive maintenance, proactively updating software, and a help desk to support your staff can reduce downtime.  Did we mention we'll even come to your office to dust and clean your equipment?  Heat is the #1 cause of failure, insuring proper airflow, extends the life of your equipment.

Maximize Business Continuity

Most businesses close after a total data loss.  This is a fact.  Accidents happen, employees can sabotage, hard drives aren't designed to last forever, and let's not forget mother nature.  We include at least 5 lines of backup defense and the best thing is, you don't have to lift a finger.

One number to call

We know it can feel like searching for a needle in a hay stack trying to figure out which vendor to contact when you experience a problem.  Is it the internet?  Is it the printer?  Is it the software?  Is it the local network?  Stop wasting time tracking down who to call for what.  Just call Malama Tech and we'll fix it.  If we can't, we'll reach out and work directly with the vendor that can.

Perfect Alignment

We've packed everything your business needs on a day-to-day basis into a plan that costs a fraction of hiring someone.  Our ultimate goal is reducing downtime, which is the same goal of your business.  There is a conflict of interest when working with IT providers that profit off of your downtime, rather than your up-time.  With Malama Tech, you'll always know the solutions we provide are in your best interest.

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